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Championship Day & Champion Night was televised on a local Fox station.

Congratulations Brownfield, Fuddrucker Girls Bracket Champions

Congratulations Brownfield, Double T Smile's Boys Bracket Champions
Congratulations W.F. Rider, Chick-fil-a Girls Bracket Champions
Congratulations Trinity Christian, G. Boren Boys Bracket Champions


Click here for a list of the all-tournament and MVP winners.

57th Annual FiberMax Caprock Classic

The 2015 Tournament was December 29-31 in Lubbock.  A dozen gyms had over a 150 games played over three days of basketball. 
The brackets are below. 

For More Information, you may call or text Bobby Drum at 787-9117, Missy Hopson at 535-9214 or Joe Hoelscher at 787-6540.  All numbers are 806 area codes.  A direct email will also be answered if sent to or

The volunteers that run this tournament thank you for being a part of our only fundraiser so we can help those less fortunate.

Useful information about the brackets

  • Home team is on top and will wear their home white jerseys.

  • Day 1 games are red and have a "1" in the top, right corner.  Day 2 is blue and has a "2".  Day 3 is green and has a "3"

  • Many games are named with a capital letter.  The loser of that game will play in the game with an "L" next to the letter.  For example, in the Fuddruckers bracket, the loser of game "J" will play the loser of game "K" for the 3rd place game.  It will be L.J. vs L.K.

  • LCHS is at 2604 Dover Ave.  LCU is at 5502 26th.  Cooper is at 16302 Loop 493. Both Frenship gyms are at 902 Dowden Road in Wolfforth. FREN is the main gym at Frenship.

  • During the tournament, updates will be posted here, as well as some in-game updates on Facebook and twitter.


Pass Prices

Day 1 Tournament Pass: Adult $28, Student $23 (day 1 tournament pass includes a complimentary program)

Adult Day Pass $10 Student Day Pass $9

Day 2 Tournament Pass: Adult $18, Student $14

Day Pass $10, Student Day Pass $9

Championship Day Pass: $10 (adult and student)

Programs $4

Everyone gets wristbanded.  Tournament Pass purchasers receive a ticket for a different color wristband for subsequent days.  Wristbands are good at all gyms that day and can be removed overnight.  Wristbands must be on your wrist and will be invalid if removed.  For example, wristbands on purses are invalid.  This tournament is our only fundraiser and we appreciate your support.

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