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All-Tournament and VIP winners.

All-Tournament/VIP winners not present at Reagor-Dykes Championship night will be contacted.  The winners are chosen by coaches, refs, and announcers.  In addition, there is an all-tournament committee comprised of several people who watch 12+ hours of basketball daily and vote on which players deserve to win.  If you are interested in being on this committee, please visit our club and become a member. 

Click here to watch a news video from last year's tournament on why we work hard to host a great basketball tournament. Our club has given away over 50 AmTrykes per year for the last three years.

Call or Text Missy at 535-9214, Bobby at 787-9117 or Joe at 787-6540 (Area code 806) for more information about the tournament. 

Thank you for your support of the 58th annual FiberMax Caprock Classic!

Attention IPhone and IPad users: Apple has a glitch they are working on for pdfs.  You will have to open the brackets in iBooks or another application.  If opened in Safari, tap the bracket and the option to "Open in iBooks" should appear.  Brackets are in JPEG format at the bottom of this page also.
Plan ahead:  Next year's tournament will be December 28-30, 2017. Team contract HERE

Useful information about the brackets

  • When printing brackets, select "fit" and can be printed on letter or legal size paper

  • We will update brackets during the tournament.  Some browsers require you to click "Refresh" to receive the most recent bracket.

  • Day 1 games are red and have a "1" in the top, right corner.  Day 2 is blue and has a "2".  Day 3 is green and has a "3"

  • Many games are named with a capital letter.  The loser of that game will play in the game with an "L" next to the letter and the winner of a game will have a "W" next to them if outside of the bracket.  For example, in the Chick-fil-A bracket, the loser of game "H" will play the winner of game "Z" for the 3rd place game.  It will be L.H. vs W.Z.

  • Both Frenship gyms are at 902 Dowden Road in Wolfforth. FREN is the main gym at Frenship and FNEW is the smaller gym.

  • During the tournament, updates will be posted here, as well as some in-game updates on Facebook and twitter.

  • Home team is on top and will wear their home white jerseys.


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