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FiberMax Caprock Classic

85 teams from TX, OK, and Australia

Call/Text Joe 787-6540, Missy 535-9214 or Bobby 787-9117 (all 806 area code)

Why is there a basketball tournament?  Click HERE to see a video from last year's tournament.

All-Tournament and VIP winners.

The All-Tournament/VIP winners for the ***** and Double T Smiles brackets will be awarded directly after the end of the championship game of the Double T Smiles bracket.  The All-Tournament/VIP winners for the Chick-fil-A and G. Boren bracket were awarded directly after the G. Boren championship game.  The All-Tournament/VIP winners not present at Reagor-Dykes Championship night will be contacted. 
The winners are chosen by coaches, refs, and announcers.  In addition, there is an all-tournament committee comprised of several people who watch 12+ hours of basketball daily and vote on which players deserve to win.  If you are interested in being on this committee, please visit our club and become a member. 

Thank you for your support of the 59th annual FiberMax Caprock Classic!

Useful information about the brackets

  • Home team is on top and will wear their home white jerseys.

  • When printing brackets, select "fit" and can be printed on letter or legal size paper

  • We will update brackets during the tournament.  Some browsers, especially mobile Apple devices, require you to click "Refresh" to receive the most recent bracket.

  • Day 1 games are red and have a "1" in the top, right corner.  Day 2 is blue and has a "2".  Day 3 is green and has a "3"

  • Many games are named with a capital letter.  The loser of that game will play in the game with an "L" next to the letter and the winner of a game will have a "W" next to them if outside of the bracket.  For example, in the Chick-fil-A bracket, the loser of game "H" will play the winner of game "Z" for the 3rd place game.  It will be L.H. vs W.Z.

  • Both Frenship gyms are at 902 Dowden Road in Wolfforth. FREN is the main gym at Frenship and FNEW is the smaller gym.

  • During the tournament, updates will be posted here, as well as some in-game updates on Facebook and twitter.

Ticket Pricing
Day 1
Adult Tournament Pass $28 (includes program)
Student Tournament Pass $23 (includes program)
Adult Day Pass $10
Student Day Pass $9
Day 2
Adult Tournament Pass $18
Student Tournament Pass $14
Adult Day Pass $10
Student Day Pass $9
Championship Day
$10 for everyone
Programs are $4
We thank you for your support.  All the funds raised goes to helping people with disabilities.
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