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With the cancellation of our only fundraiser, we are humbly asking for donations to continue giving away AmTrykes.  100% of your donation will go towards the purchase of trykes.  We will gratefully accept donations via the donate button to the left or mailed checks to Caprock AMBUCS at PO Box 93871 Lubbock Texas 79493-3871.

Click HERE for Raffle items!

Click HERE to "Donate" an AmTryke.

Look below for videos and pictures of why we are having a fundraiser.

AMBUCS volunteers use the funds we raise to do some really cool things.  Our favorite use of the funds is to buy AmTrykes.  AmTrykes are therapeutic tricycles designed for people who are unable to ride a standard bike.  The video to the left was sent to us from a mom of a tryke recipient.  The funds we raise will go towards buying more trykes.  AmTrykes are fun for children and adults to ride, while also increasing strength, coordination and flexibility.  If you are in the Lubbock area and are interested in joining an organization that helps others, please reach out to us in the About Us page. 
Earlier in 2020, Phillips 66 recognized immediate Past President Matt White.  The video to the left was set to be played at the Big XII tournament this year.  
We recently gave 15 year old Karina an AmTryke.  She enjoys riding her own tryke outside.  She can use her tryke to keep her legs strong, to work on coordination and physical endurance.  

We recently asked for some pictures from the parents of AmTryke recipients.  We received pics back and comments from "her legs are getting stronger" to "he rides his bike every day the weather is good." 

really happy tryke girl.jpg
happy tryke girl.jpg
girl tryke.jpg
girl on tryke cropped
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