About Us



Why do dozens of Lubbock area business people volunteer their time to host a basketball tournament?  For 6 decades, the Lubbock Caprock Chapter of AMBUCS™ has used the tournament as a fundraiser.

AMBUCS™ is an acronym for American Business Clubs and is a national non-profit service organization comprised of a diverse group of men and women who are dedicated to inspiring mobility and independence.


Members fulfill the organization's mission by:

•Performing various forms of community service

•Providing AmTryke® therapeutic tricycles to individuals who are unable to operate a traditional bike

•Awarding scholarships to therapists


The Lubbock Caprock Chapter of AMBUCS was chartered on June 1st, 1956 by the Lubbock Downtown chapter with 44 charter members. Members include bankers, nurses, business owners and a wide spectrum of other occupations. The annual fundraiser is the largest holiday basketball tournament in the nation.  All of the money raised goes towards charitable activities.  There are no locally paid employees and only 12 total full time positions nation-wide.


The club is as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization under IRS regulations.


Members meet for lunch on the first and third Thursday of every month from 12:00 to 1:00. Most meetings include a presentation from a community leader about local events. Visitors are welcome to attend and a tasty lunch will be provided.  


If you have questions about the tournament or about the club, feel free to contact us below.

For More Information, you may call or text Joe Hoelscher at 787-6540 or Matt White at 928-7856 (both are 806 area codes).  A direct email will also be answered if sent to caprockambucs@gmail.com.