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In 1990, a physical therapist, Sue Haywood, approached an AMBUCS club to build a tricycle for one of her young patients that couldn't ride a standard tricycle.  Being good Texans, the club built a working "AmTryke" that was hand and foot powered and was painted John Deere green.  In 1995, AMBUCS voted to start the AmTryke program nationally.  Since then, over 30,000 AmTrykes have been given to Americans challenged with mobility and independence.

AmTrykes are now made in the USA! 

100% of the funds donated from this page will be used to purchase AmTrykes.  Donations of any amount are welcome.  Click the "Donate" button to the left or click HERE to donate.  You can donate electronically or mail a check to Lubbock Caprock AMBUCS PO Box 93871 Lubbock TX 79493.  We are a 501c3 organization.  If you would like to donate and assemble, please contact us.  There is also a national wish list of possible recipients that are not near an AMBUCS club.


The AM-10 tryke is intended for early intervention and is the least expensive tryke we can purchase.  This hand and foot tryke is designed to stimulate reciprocal movement and increase range of motion.  Cost of $851.04.  

"We use the hand/foot combination to improve coordination, strength and range of motion on a variety of subjects with unlimited diagnosis. The combination of using all four extremities helps with any weakness in any area. Children with generalized weakness can self propel despite the fact they are so very weak." --Sue Haywood, PT

The Pro Series 1412 foot tryke helps children who might otherwise have problems making a full pedal rotation.  Rear steering allows an adult to push and steer from behind the tryke.  Cost of $1164.84. 

In 2011, AMBUCS started the Veteran's Initiative to give back to those who have bravely fought to protect our country.  For veterans unable to operate a traditional bike, the AmTryke adaptive tricycle helped to increase mobility and independence.  In addition to valuable exercise and strength building, the tryke allows veterans to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends.  Over the past decade, AMBUCS has increased the options for adult hand and/or foot powered trykes.


The 1024 Community Cruiser Hand Tryke provides a good mobility option for adult or teen riders and offers an adjustable easy-slide wheelchair seat for easy rider transfer.  Cost of $1178.58. 

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